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hörbert B-stock

Here you will find your hörbert at a particularly favourable price – with slight optical defects, but which have nothing to do with the functionality of the units. These are small, superficial scratches or dents caused by manual production or by customer returns. 
These units have been thoroughly checked and found to be in good condition, they are new, not used.

hörbert 2011 – while stocks last

hörbert 2011 was the test winner of Stiftung Warentest. This hörbert is still running faithfully and reliably in many ‘umpteen thousand households. With its minimalist range of functions, it is perfect for even the youngest children.

This model can be ordered with automatic switch-off, with which hörbert switches off after an adjustable time. We no longer offer Bluetooth functions for this model. If you want Bluetooth and Internet functions, go to our new model in the shop.

hörbert 2011 Electronics

In many thousands of self-made hörberts the hörbert 2011 electronics are working. You can get these electronics here at a special price for your next handicraft project: Whether as a hörbert replica or sound generator for the model railway layout, as a doorbell or as a gossip device – with these particularly power-saving electronics you can easily realise your audio project.

* Prices including 19% VAT