We make you a hörbert fan

Every day we do everything we can to make sure that you are not only one of our satisfied customers, but that you and your child become and remain happy hörbert fans.
Our values are not only written on paper, but every member of the hörbert team lives them every day on the job and beyond. Starting with the well thought-out development and sustainable conception of our products, through purchasing, which selects our suppliers with the greatest care, through our friendly and competent customer service, to the loving treatment of every hörbert and its high-quality production by hand.
We want that with your hörbert our positive energy and appreciation travel directly to your home and can be felt by you and your child as soon as you hold your ‘new family member’ in your hands.

Mitarbeiterin verpackt hörbert

The nice thing about it is that we make not only our customers happy with it, but ourselves as well.
What other company receives such enthusiastic letters, guestbook entries, photos and even cookies at Christmas as a sign of thanks and enthusiasm. Our customers are simply the best!

Dankeschön-Kekse für unseren Kundensupport

We can reveal one little secret: it is no wonder that hörbert is only so bubbling with positive energy. After all, it is not just any job for us in the hörbert team, but the conviction to do something really good. In order to achieve the best for you and your child, each of us takes on all tasks in his or her role with care and passion. That is why WINZKI does not need complicated hierarchical levels.
We work in a self-organizing manner. This means that we are replacing hierarchies and the classic “power pyramid” by our own processes. This modern form of working gives creative ideas the necessary space to emerge – and most importantly – to ultimately be carried out, even if the “boss” is not just on fire. This is lived freedom, but also a great deal of responsibility, which we are happy to take on for you.

Mitarbeiterinnen bei WINZKI

If you share the values that we and hörbert stand for, you will certainly also be happy if you keep finding new contributions in our blog or on our social media channels about how we want to make the world a little bit better through our focus on sustainability and responsibility for people and nature – and reach more and more like-minded and interested people.
We would be happy if you share your opinion and best hörbert experiences in our guestbook or on Facebook, Instagram & Co.

Thanks for being a hörbert fan!

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