For your good feeling when giving

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You are a role model for your child

Children learn by imitation and example. If you decide in favour of hörbert and against a plastic player, your child will immediately embrace it with love. The little hörbert fans will enjoy their musical companion every day for years. It goes without saying that such a faithful friend should be treated well and repaired in case of emergency. All hörbert parts can be replaced. Throwing it away is out of the question.

hörbert is made of wood because…

… the future of our children needs nature. The wood for hörbert does not come from the rainforest. The perfect finish with sweat-proof and saliva-proof varnish protects the surface and makes hörbert a delight to hold. Every tree has its own distinctive grain. Together with our handcrafted production, this makes every hörbert unique. It is unique and special – just like your child.

Handmade in Germany

Our suppliers and materials are selected with care and love. 92 percent of our suppliers come from Germany. With short delivery routes, we conserve resources and benefit from personal communication and the highest quality. Because our earth and fair working conditions are just as important to us as they are to you.

hörbert zum Anfassen - am Türöffnertag


Cables and power connections carry underestimated dangers of strangulation or electric shock. That is why hörbert does not have a headphone jack or power cable. This means that your child can romp around with hörbert without tripping hazards and tangled cables, or you can listen to exciting stories together. Bluetooth headphones with an additional built-in volume limiter ensure safe listening without danger. Please take care of the time limit for listening with headphones yourself.

mp3-player für Kinder


With hörbert, you can put a happy smile full of pride and self-confidence on your child’s face. The feeling of “I can do that all by myself” is pure encouragement – thanks to hörbert’s innovative operating concept. Your darling simply chooses his or her favourite playlist from the nine colourful buttons. And off they go! Completely intuitive.

Boombox für Kinder


With hörbert your child is mobile and has access to his or her personal “jukebox” anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to buy any licences or accessories. hörbert gives you all the freedom you need to record content, listen to internet radio, stream via Bluetooth or record via microphone: independence – made for you.

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We value respectful interaction with people and nature. We want your child to enjoy its freedom and develop creativity. By the way, this also applies to us in the company. Behind hörbert is a team that works independently in self-organisation.

The team around hörbert acts with joy, love and enthusiasm – for your child, you and our earth.

Mitarbeiterinnen bei WINZKI

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