Our values

A good feeling for you
when you give this gift

Illustration: Tree of values


You are a role model for your child

Children learn through imitation and example. When you choose hörbert rather than a plastic playback device, the first thing your child will do is clasp hörbert affectionately in their little arms. Little hörbert fans can have hours of fun with their musical companion every day for years. Of course, a faithful friend like that is treated well and repaired in an emergency. All of hörbert’s parts are replaceable. Throwing this gift away is out of the question.

hörbert is made of wood because…

…our children’s future needs nature. The wood for hörbert comes from a certified wood supplier in Germany that sources its material from sustainable forestry. The surface is protected with a sweat-proof and saliva-resistant varnish. This gives the perfect finish and makes hörbert into a lovely and smooth item that little hands really want to hold. Each tree has its own distinctive grain. Combined with our handcrafted production, this means that each hörbert is one of a kind. It is unique and very special – just like your child.

Handmade in Germany

Our suppliers and materials are selected with a great deal of care and consideration, and 92 percent of our suppliers are from Germany. Having short delivery routes means that we conserve resources as well as benefitting from personal communication and the highest possible quality. Protecting our planet and fair working conditions are just as important to us as they are to you.

Craftsmanship in the production process
Various examples of the different grains in the solid wood


Cables and power connections often harbor risks that can be underestimated. That is why hörbert has no headphone jack or power cable. This means your tot can cavort with hörbert without fear of any tripping hazards or tangled cables and you can also listen to the interesting stories together. Since there are no headphones, your child remains aware of their environment and protects their sensitive ears.

Illustration: Child within a circle


hörbert conjures up a happy smile full of pride and self-confidence on your little angel’s face. The feeling of “I can do it all by myself” is pure encouragement for your child – and it’s thanks to hörbert’s innovative operating concept. Your cherished little one simply selects their favorite playlist from the nine colored buttons… and away they go! It’s completely intuitive.

A small child listens to music on his MP3 player for children


Since hörbert is delivered ready to play, you can have fun listening from the first moment. Just unpack it, insert the batteries (supplied) and off you go. With hörbert, your child can be mobile with their personal “jukebox” accessible at all times, wherever they are. For even more freedom, hörbert purposely does not have annoying cables and has an impressively long battery operating time of up to 50 hours at an average volume. You don’t need to buy a license or accessories. Independence – designed for you.

Illustration: hörbert with wings


We attach great importance to respectful treatment of people and nature. We want to help your child enjoy their freedom and develop their creativity. For that matter, the same applies to us in our company. Our team behind hörbert is self-organizing and works independently, with its members free to plan their own time – leaving room for leisure and family.
The members of the team surrounding hörbert enjoy their work and do it with passion and enthusiasm. For your child, for you and for our planet.

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