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Illustration: Herz aus Händen

Is hörbert also suitable for my child if he or she cannot do everything that other children can? We are often asked this question by families who have a child, a teenager or even an adult with a disability.

Behindertes Kind mit hörbert

In most cases, our answer is “yes, sure”. Here Hörbert scores with its simplicity. For your child this means: switch on – and start listening immediately. hörbert automatically starts playing at the beginning of the last playlist played. If your child is able to press the colourful keys with his or her fingers – he or she doesn’t need a lot of strength – and maybe even grasp the volume knob, then he or she is also able to operate hörbert independently and discover their own favourite songs. How great is the joy!

Field reports from real life are always the most valuable. Therefore here is an excerpt from an e-mail to us:

“Hello dear Hörbert Team, my nephew has a disability and at the beginning I had doubts whether he could operate the player with his 6 years. But after almost 2 weeks of just pressing the buttons without listening to anything, he was so enthusiastic that HE alone can make a difference, he is now finding his way around on his player incredibly well.

Since I don’t want to change the order, I put all the prerecorded radio plays on one button and all the other CDs he has distributed to the other buttons in a logical order.

My nephew is a handicapped child and doesn’t understand when the first thing on the green button no longer is the bird wedding. I would like to thank you very much because this player is really the best there is – at least for my nephew. A healthy child will learn to change CD’s sometime, he probably will not. And with hörbert he can hear what he wants. If he has to press the light blue button 50 times, it’s not as bad as listening to the whole CD, because you just wanted to hear the penultimate song and you just can’t express yourself. „

Our matching felt bag, which you can sew yourself with our DIY set, can protect your hörbert from frequent falls. The high-quality loudspeaker inside is moisture-impregnated, so that it cannot be damaged by saliva to a certain extent.

Examples of felt bags for hörbert
Thanks to the additional volume limit (piano/forte switch) inside hörberts, you can reduce the volume to a comfortable level by default. This is very useful when children like to experiment with the volume control. This preserves the ears – and the nerves.
Lautstärkebegrenzung bei Kinderspielzeug

Some elderly people feel overwhelmed by modern players and find in hörbert a reliable partner who plays their favourite music anytime and anywhere. Especially in patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, music from her youth works wonders! hörbert is perfectly suited for this difficult situation. Children or grandchildren of dementia patients can put their favourite songs and performers on the buttons and Peter Alexander or Conny Francis will help them to remember the good old days.

Personal messages, self-sung songs or stories read aloud by the grandchild can also be stored as a file on hörbert’s memory card. So grandma or grandpa always has the family close at hand.

Do you have any questions or special requirements? We are happy to discuss your wishes.

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