Your hörbert writes his own story

Your hörbert writes his own history

Illustration: Buch mit Herz

Dein hörbert – a unique piece made for you

Our nature is a masterpiece. The colours and grain of each tree are unique. Just like you.
To keep the natural wood surfaces visible, we only use clear lacquer, which is of course harmless even for little gourmets. Fake plastic veneer or laminates are taboo for us. We use three different domestic woods, each of which is best suited for its purpose. hörbert’s poplar plywood front panel forms a stable unit with the finger-jointed frame made of solid beech wood. The back of the player consists of a sliding lid made of torsion-free birch plywood. The handle of hörbert consists of solid beech. The handle is screwed on and not glued, so that it can be easily replaced in the – extremely rare – case of damage.

Heimische Hölzer verarbeiten

When the robust wood blanks arrive from our suppliers, it is always an experience for our wood experts in the workshop to unpack and discover these unique pieces. Each housing is carefully examined before it is processed by our laser cutter. The laser is used in several steps: first it cuts the openings for the speaker and the buttons into the front panel, engraving the hörbert logo on the front.

Lasercutter schneidet Holz

Then the bear is lasered to the back.
At the end hörbert receives the manufacturer’s info and his individual serial number on the underside.

Seriennummern auf hörberts

At our workshop, hörbert goes through many caring and competent hands, all of which leave their sign in the truest sense of the word, to ensure the highest quality.

Echte Handarbeit in der Fertigung in Deutschland

The hörberts with the most evenly coloured front may be placed on a special carriage reserved for those devices which are to be given a name engraving.
So if you order a hörbert, who will soon proudly carry your child’s name, our shipping team will select a hörbert and the laser will be used for the name engraving a fourth and last time.
hörbert – there is no more personal way.

Gravierter hörbert für Max und Leo
Illustration: Aufgeschlagenes Geschichtenbuch

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