Barrier-free hörbert – 1 button

Ready to play: Pre-recorded with more than 2 hours of music and radio plays, batteries included. Free delivery.
Image similar. May vary in colour and grain due to natural product. Engraving may vary in size and position due to manual fitting.

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MP3 player for children – hörbert makes music child’s play

hörbert is there for everyone. We have made it extra robust, extra easy to use and extra safe. So young and old music lovers alike will have lots of fun with hörbert. Whether it’s their first contact with music and their first attempts at dancing or reminiscing about the music of the past. hörbert – the friend for life.

Numerous customers are contacting us more and more often and asking for special solutions, for example larger buttons for their child with motor disabilities. Some adapted hörberts have already found their way into retirement homes and dementia groups. The long playing time of about 50 hours with one set of batteries is a great advantage in everyday life. hörbert plays and plays without having to recharge it every day.

The advantage of being a German manufacturer makes it possible to develop and produce special models. True to the hörbert philosophy – made for you.

For people with disabilities, we have now developed two hörbert models from these individual designs. The simplest operation, with as little outside help as possible – for motivating independence and self-determination. In this way, hörbert is not only fun, but also provides playful support through the cause-and-effect principle.

Barrier-free model – 1-button

Your family member can’t cope with several buttons and is quickly confused by too many buttons?

Due to a more pronounced degree of disability, the operation must be reduced to the simplest?

Then this model is just right for you.
1 button controls a playlist. With each press of the button, hörbert plays the next track in the playlist.
Whether 3 or 30 tracks – you decide how many tracks you want to store on the memory card.
17 hours of storage space are available on hörbert’s SD card, which you can reallocate at any time.

Ein Mädchen mit seinem Kindermusikspieler

Technical data

weight 1 kg
Size 24 x 7 x 18 cm
Woods Frame and handle: solid red beech, front and speaker panel: poplar plywood, back: birch plywood
Metals Speaker grille: stainless steel, screws: stainless steel, stainless steel
Plastics Keycaps: ABS plastic (plasticiser-free)
Lacquer Clear lacquer, saliva-proof and sweat-proof
Pre-recorded content German or multilingual
Memory card Supplied, SDHC, size 4GB. Class 4
Engraving with name engraving on request

* Prices including 19% VAT