8GB SDHC Card (empty)

Blank 8GB SDHC card

9,98  incl. VAT

8GB SDHC card for 102 hours of music (or 34 hours with hörbert 2011)

This card can be useful as an additional card if you want to switch contents quickly, e.g. have one ‘everyday card’ and a ‘party card’.
The card change saves you time, because you do not have to wait for an uploads to the device.

Important for hörbert 2011: This memory card has been specially tested for permanent low latency and is therefore suitable for hörbert 2011.
Memory cards with high latency can produce stuttering generated by the built-in processor, which is the case with most commercially available Class 10 (and higher) cards.

If you want an SD card with pre-recorded music and radio plays, check out our pre-recorded memory cards.

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Class 4



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