Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation for the ReferaFriend programme on
(Status: 25.01.2021) 


Dear reader, 

In order to improve readability, the following text does not contain any gendered formulations. Of course, in all cases people of each gender are meant.  

Conditions of participation: 

(1) Eligible for participation are customers of Winzki GmbH & Co. KG after purchasing a non-reduced hörbert in our online shop at These persons are hereinafter named “referrers”. Referrers must be natural persons who have reached the age of 18. Employees of Winzki and their relatives, as well as sales partners of Winzki, are also excluded from participation. A referred friend must be a new customer of Winzki and may not already own a hörbert in his/her household. Referrer and referred friend must not live in the same household. It is not possible to refer oneself.

(2) The referrer will only act personally as a private person. The referrer ist not permitted to involve third parties or to use the Refer-a-Friend programme for professional, business or commercial purposes. A commercial customer is excluded as an advertiser.

(3) The referrer must have purchased a non-discounted hörbert via and must have an order number and an invoice number from Winzki for it. The referral link for friends can be generated and distributed by the advertiser on the website of the „Refer-a-friend-programme“ immediately after receipt of an invoice for his qualified order. The sending of a premium can only take place after a qualified order has been placed via the referral link and only after Winzki has carried out appropriate verification. Qualified orders are deemed to have been placed if neither the hörbert purchased by the referrer nor the hörbert purchased by a friend via the recommendation link has been returned and refunded.

(4) Referrers recruit further customers (hereinafter referred to as “friends”) for the purchase of a hörbert. For this purpose, the referrer may use a special „Refer-a-Friend“ website to enter his order and invoice number and generate a personal recommendation link. He forwards this link in a separate email to one or more friends. Only if this recommendation link is used to place a qualified order for a hörbert, the referrer will receive a link with a „thank you bonus code“ three to four weeks after the purchase by the friend and after we have checked that the purchase is in order. For each referred friend, the referrer may choose a reward of his choice. 

(5) The advertiser is obliged to ensure the prior consent of the recipient to receive the recommendation information before sending the friend-recommendation link. 

(6) A recommendation is only and exclusively successful if a recommendation has been generated at, the friend has followed the link from the recommendation via click, he has ordered a hörbert from there and has not cancelled it again (e.g. by legal revocation). If the friend orders the recommended product via another channel (e.g. via other toy retailers), the recommendation is considered unsuccessful and no prize is awarded. 

(7) „Thank-You-Bonus-Codes“ are sent by email and expire after 45 days. Bonus codes are not transferable and are always sent to the email address from the referrer’s order. The premiums are sent exclusively to the referrer. The referrer and the friend agree that they will receive emails from us which are necessary for the processing of the Refer-a-Friend-programme.

(8) A cash payment of the bonus is not possible.  

(9) We reserve the right to change the premiums at any time and without prior notice. Only one premium can be chosen, which is offered on our website at the time of redemption of the coupon. There is no entitlement to a premium from a previous offer. Premiums can only be sent subject to availability.

(10) In order to approve a premium and send the Coupon, all conditions of this referrer Program must be met at the time of verification, otherwise no „Thank You Bonus Code“ will be sent. Therefore, the earliest possible shipment is after all return periods (those of the referrer and those of the new customer) have expired without any reversal of a purchase. The „Thank You Bonus Code“ will be sent to the referrer approximately three to four weeks after the Friend’s order and payment. 

(11) Our general right of cancellation and return as well as our general terms and conditions of business apply to the premiums.

(12) The first sending of a premium to the referrer is free of postage. However, in the case of shipment to non-European countries, customs duties and customs clearance fees may be incurred by the customs authorities of the respective country.

(13) The premium may be used to order further products, which will then also be sent postage-free.

(14) The publication of the referral link on a website, in forums or on social media platforms is not permitted. If you would like to advertise hörbert publicly, please use our affiliate system, which you can register for > HERE.

(15) The referrer will not receive any information from us about the new customers recruited.

(16) The purchase by the referred new customer must be made directly via the recommendation link. To do this, the link must be used on the computer and in the browser that the new customer uses to place his order. A subsequent assignment of a purchase to a friend code is not possible. By clicking the link, a so-called cookie is stored on the recipient’s terminal device. If this cookie is deleted or prevented by manual browser settings, the subsequent conclusion of the contract cannot be awarded for technical reasons.

(17) We reserve the right to change or suspend this award programme in whole or in part without prior notice.