Radio for seniors

hörbert can do one thing above all: Simply play! That’s why it is an excellent everyday helper for seniors. A radio for seniors should function reliably, and with the simplest operation. hörbert always performs its service exactly as expected after a one-time setup.

hörbert is a particularly user-friendly radio for the elderly.

A radio for seniors must not confuse the user with complicated operation. One danger with many portable radios for elderly people is that they lose track of the many buttons. As a result, the radio remains unused in the corner and does not fulfil its purpose. The same can happen if the radio can be misadjusted through incorrect operation, for example in a way that station buttons lose their assignment. In this case, elderly people are often dependent on help from relatives – but “in order not to be a burden to anyone” or out of resignation, the device remains unused. Technology only enriches the lives of seniors if it serves its purpose and does not place any expectations on the users. This is where hörbert can show its full potential, because hörbert hides the entire complexity from its users! For particularly easy operation, hörbert is available in a senior radio version with large buttons, making it especially suitable as a radio for visually impaired seniors.

Web radio offers thousands of stations

The musical tastes of elderly people cannot be met with a single folk music station in the reception area. And yet many seniors have to settle for that. Yet perhaps songs from their youth would be much more suitable – or cultural programmes – or after a move, perhaps simply their favourite station from their home country. (Even if that was just another federal state). Here hörbert scores as a web radio player for seniors with the fact that many thousands of web radio stations are available on the Internet. The transmission via the Internet allows reception wherever a WiFi network (2.4GHz) is available. With the hörbert software for Windows, macOS and Linux, the stations are simply stored on hörbert’s keys and can be played back by simply pressing a key. Several stations can also be stored behind one button, and you can skip through them by repeatedly pressing the button.

Radio and simple MP3 player for seniors

Your favourite songs are not always playing on the radio, and a radio is not always the best solution for seniors. If, for example, folk songs to sing along to or personal messages from the family are to be played, an MP3 player for seniors is the right choice. Just like the web radio stations, music and spoken texts from MP3, WAV, M4A or AAC files can be stored on hörbert’s memory card and are then always available at the simple touch of a button.

New: buy hörbert as a simple radio for the elderly

A new variant will be added to our product range in April 2022: hörbert for seniors. It offers a higher playback volume, as well as a power connection for stationary operation without batteries. If you don’t want to miss the sales launch, you may want to subscribe to our email newsletter: Subscribe to our newsletter

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