MP3 players for seniors

If seniors prefer large buttons on their MP3 player, hörbert is just the right player for them. Available in different versions, it offers seniors easy operation and convenient access to their music collection.

MP3 player with large buttons

Seniors benefit from strong contrasts and large buttons on technical devices. This is especially true for visually impaired seniors or when the mobility of the fingers is declining. Particularly simple operation gives these people back lost opportunities for self-determination.

When the radio no longer plays favourite songs or news is more annoying than helpful, an MP3 player for seniors is the optimal solution. The size of the repertoire can be determined in advance, and the content is always available to the user at the simple touch of a button.

hörbert’s keys can be equipped with music and stories. Behind each key there is not only a title, but a whole list of titles that hörbert plays one after the other. This makes it possible to store content in nicely sorted lists and to play it back very easily. We provide free software for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows you to record your own content from MP3, WAV, MP4 or AAC files. (only files without copy protection)

MP3 players for the hearing impaired

Hearing deteriorates with age, and some people develop partial hearing loss. Especially when such people still live with other people, such as in old people’s homes, it is not possible to listen to music at any volume. Here, aids for seniors can help a lot, e.g. especially loud amplified headphones. To avoid the risk of tripping and strangulation, Bluetooth headphones are particularly suitable for this. Bluetooth headphones can be connected to hörbert. This allows even hearing impaired seniors to listen to their favourite songs without any disturbance to their surroundings.

MP3 player and web radio

If the repertoire on the memory card is to be supplemented with real radio programmes, web radio stations can also be inserted into the playlists. These radio stations can then also be called up by simply pressing a button. This makes hörbert a simple radio device for seniors. To function as a web radio, simply connect hörbert to a WiFi (2.4GHz). This allows access to thousands of internet radio stations with many hundreds of genres – an inexhaustible source of content. Only the stations that you really want to listen to are simply stored on hörbert’s buttons via the hörbert software, which are then used to play the stations later.

New: buy hörbert as a simple MP3 player for seniors

A new variant will be added to our product range in April 2022: hörbert for seniors. It offers a higher playback volume as well as a power connection for stationary operation without batteries. If you don’t want to miss the sales launch, you may want to subscribe to our email newsletter right now: Subscribe to the newsletter

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