Why is the conversion to .wav format?

In the case of hörbert, the conversion of audio files later saves a lot of power during playback, so that you rarely have to change batteries, because decoding (always the same) MP3 files or other formats requires much more computing power and therefore power. You can leave that to the computer and listen to the decoded result. Another advantage is that you can also use files in OGG, WAV or FLAC format and directly from audio CDs as source material, or other common formats, which is not possible with a “normal” MP3 player. And here it comes: Since the hörbert software is necessary anyway to arrange the files in the right order in the right playlists, it can also perform all conversions for you at the same time, without you having to do anything for it. Instead of referring to MP3, Ogg, WAV and FLAC Player, only the term “MP3 Player” can be used as a category or generic name. Otherwise you would not find our hörbert in any shop, because there is not even a category for “Audio-Player”, but at most “MP3-Player”. The term “universal audio player for children” would of course be quite correct. But we have to meet the potential customers looking for a player and limit ourselves here to the term “MP3 player” as a generic term, although hörbert can do much more.

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