My Mac says: card not initialized, but im hörbert plays it without problems

This only affects you if all the following conditions exist at the same time:

1.) You have received a memory card with international content together with your hörbert.

2.) You have ordered between 7.11.2018 and 7.12.2018

3.) The memory card has a sticker with the words “hörbert” on it.

4.) You are using an Apple Mac computer

Unfortunately a mishap happened when we played a few cards. In hörbert the card plays without problems. But exactly when these cases come together, it can happen that your Mac does not recognize the memory card when it is inserted into the Mac and asks you if it should be initialized.
DO NOT, because this will erase all content.

Click on “Cancel”, take the card out of your computer and contact us, because we can help you with a small tool that the card is recognized correctly, and you can edit its contents.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Category: Questions about transferring contents

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