There is something wrong with my hörbert

There is something wrong with my hörbert


Problems during playback


We’ll agree on a price with you, because it always depends on what is broken.

There are two reasons for this: Either the contents of the memory card have got mixed up, or the remains of leaking batteries affect the electronics. (In this case: Problems with leaking batteries?)

  • To compare problems with the memory card, you can use another suitable memory card, for example, or you can first back up all the contents of your hörbert card with the on-board resources of your computer: Simply copy all the contents of the memory card into a folder on your computer. You can use this backup later. Tip: The hörbert software can create a table of contents on page “2”, which you can save on your computer with the files on the memory card.
  • The easiest way to”repair” a messed up memory card is to format it and reload it.
    • Start the hörbert software on the computer, and check if you have the latest version (at the left of the bottom of page “1”: “Search for newer hörbert software”). If necessary, install the latest software while you’re at it.
    • If you now insert your memory card into the computer and select it in the hörbert software, you can format the card with the “memory card tools”. Attention: By formatting all data on the memory card will be deleted irretrievably! Be especially careful not to select another drive of your computer or that may be plugged into your computer.
    • After formatting, you can reload the card with the hörbert software as usual. As a test, it is enough to play 2-3 songs on each playlist to test the card. If you want to try again with your previous content, simply copy your backup copy from your computer back to the card.

hörbert has a very stable and oversized on/off switch. The manufacturer of the switch inserts a little grease into the switch. If this accumulates in the wrong place, this effect may occur. But that’s no problem: Just turn the switch on and off at least 30 times really fast and really energetically, then the grease splashes and the problem is solved. Background knowledge: In a lamp the fat would simply go up in smoke with a spark, but there is no such amount of energy in hörbert. Therefore you may have to help mechanically. You can switch back and forth really powerfully and quickly, the switch tolerates it: We have deliberately chosen an oversized switch that resists playing children.

No, don’t worry. He just is out of power. Simply replace the batteries by new or charged ones (in case they are rechargeable batteries), then hörbert will play again normally.

If hörbert remains mute after switching on, simply check the following in this order

  1. Is the device switched on? (Toggle switch to the rear and back to the front)
  2. Is the volume turned up? (Turn the knob all the way to the right for testing)
  3. Now, if you put your ear to the speaker at full volume: Do you hear a very quiet rhythmic chirping? (Then please keep trying One hears only soft rhythmic noises)
  4. Are the batteries dead? Please insert a completely new set of 4 identical batteries from the same fresh pack. If necessary, please try a new pack again, because it often happened that an empty cell crept in when changing or the batteries from the supermarket were already empty when buying.
  5. Are the batteries in contact? Please check that all battery clamps touch the metallic ends of the front and rear batteries and, if necessary, slightly bend the front and rear contact springs inwards when the battery is removed.

If this is not successful, please try again hörbert cannot be switched on or turns on or off spontaneously?

  • Please insert a completely fresh set of new batteries or full batteries first, because even a poor power supply can be noticed by a croaking sound.
  • Then we should exclude that it is only a loose screw, or that only the rear wall vibrates, because it should be tightened, for example. Therefore, please remove the sliding cover first. Then listen to the device at full volume with the rear panel open, whether it is still vibrating.

Is the problem still there?

  • If yes, please try by laying it on the speaker grille by hand, whether it lies only on the speaker grille or the wooden frame on the speaker grille (and one of the 4 screws may be too loose there).

If you have a loose screw, you can tighten it yourself with feeling. This problem can be caused by differences in humidity and temperature when the wood”works” (expands or contracts slightly). Is the problem still there?

  • If so, please place your hand on all keys at the same time and listen.

If the keys are the problem and vibrate we can send you a “little helper”, which you can install yourself, for this you have to remove the electronics of your hörbert, attach the little helper and screw the electronics back in. No problem for experienced hobbyists… If you prefer that we do the small repair, please contact our support before you send us your hearing.

Could it be that you are using an extra fast Class10 card or faster? Some of these cards can have this effect. These cards perform internal clean-up or sorting functions at irregular intervals, but these disturb the data stream. That’s why the whole thing can’t be determined by a song or a playback time, the small microprocessor in the card sometimes does”its own thing”. Please test it, if possible, with a smaller/older/slower card (e.g. Class 4 or 6), then the problem should not occur. Tip: If possible use Class4 SDHC cards between 4 and 32GB. Our included cards are “Class 4” cards, recognisable by a 4 in circular “C”.

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As long as the decorated part is not broken, we’ll replace only other parts and you’ll get your own hörbert back, of course.

You might want to replace the handle, the loudspeaker, the on/off switch and the volume knob yourself. That’s okay, if you have the know-how and the tools to perform such a repair. If you don’t, contact us, so you can send your hörbert in for a repair.

When batteries leak, you will find traces of battery chemistry on the electronics (circuit board). You must cleanly remove these traces in order to get your hörbert back in shape.

Cleaning after leaking batteries:

Important safety instructions

Take care of your safety and that of your surroundings in the following activities! Only work with safety glasses! Only work with protective gloves! Don't touch anything else with your gloves on! Work with an open window and sufficient fresh air supply! Do not work near flames or ignition sources! Keep chemicals and tools away from children! This manual does not apply to other devices! Leave the repair to us, if you don't think you can take a step!  Risk of injury: splashes of alcohol or battery chemistry in the eyes may cause serious eye injury. In the event of an accident, consult a doctor immediately. Fires may occur when working with high-proof alcohol. Have extinguishing agent ready. Alcohol can dry out your skin, so wear gloves! And again: Keep children away from chemicals and tools!

And so it goes:

  1. Pull the memory card out of the memory card holder. Check the contacts on the memory card. It may need to be replaced when it has received battery chemistry. You can try cleaning them with alcohol.
  2. Remove the electronics by loosening the 4 nuts on the board. Lift up the board and disconnect all 3 cables.
  3. Find all traces of battery chemistry on the top AND bottom of the board. You’ll need to clean it very carefully to stop the corrosion.
  4. Use plenty of isopropyl alcohol 70% (e.g. from the pharmacy): Drip the alcohol abundantly on all places where you find traces of battery chemistry. Soak everything. If the alcohol evaporates, drip more of it onto the board, even into the memory card holder.
  5. Use your toothbrush to scrupulously remove all traces of battery chemistry. Cotton swabs can also help. Important: NEVER scratch! Because if you scratch a trace or destroy a small component, it is very likely that the board is finally broken.
  6. When everything is clean, let the alcohol evaporate for an hour. Never use the electronics in wet condition.
  7. Now you can plug all cables back in where they were, insert the board again and screw it tight.
  8. Now insert the batteries and the memory card again and switch on audibly. Don’t forget to breathe.

Yes. Small defects or scratches can even be removed with a fine sandpaper. The best way to repair major damage is to replace the affected parts so that stable and safe operation can be restored afterwards. For larger repairs you can send us your hörbert by prior arrangement. A complete housing replacement (i.e. replacement of the frame and the front using all your intact hörbert parts) can only be carried out in our workshop, as we can also carry out any necessary minor repairs – at the previously agreed flat-rate price, of course.

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