Conditions of participation Friend for life

Conditions of participation for the "Join-in Video" campaign

§1 General

WINZKI GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as WINZKI) organises an event / participates in an event / plans a project at which photo and/or video recordings with WINZKI’s products are made/used for advertising purposes. The depiction of persons in these photos or in these videos is personal data.

The subject of the contract is therefore the granting of the rights of use and the transfer of the rights to the image to WINZKI. WINZKI is obliged to obtain consent for the use of the image data from persons who are recognisable in the photos or in the videos. The persons are referred to as the model (hereinafter referred to as MODEL). If the MODEL is a minor, these conditions are accepted by the persons with parental authority.

§2 Rights of use

The MODEL has been informed that a so-called transfer of rights to the image is required for publication of the photographs taken.

By sending in the video material, the MODEL agrees to an unrestricted, irrevocable, temporally and locally unlimited use and publication of the image/video data by WINZKI.

The recordings are used by WINZKI for advertising purposes of all kinds at its own discretion via all media for its own company and its own product ‘hörbert’.

WINZKI may make the recordings available for publication by third parties, e.g. newspaper editorial offices or video platforms. WINZKI selects the image and video data used and published for advertising purposes at its own discretion.

The MODEL shall have no claim to actual use and publication. The MODEL may use the recordings published by WINZKI for private purposes. Commercial exploitation through licensing or sale of the rights by the MODEL is not permitted.

§3 Restrictions 

The name of the MODEL may not be published by WINZKI. The photographs/recordings may not be used by WINZKI in a compromising or indecent manner.

§4 Fee 

The MODEL receives no fee or other remuneration.

 §5 Other 

The agreement is subject to German law. Verbal collateral agreements have not been made. Amendments to the contract must be made in writing. Severability clause: If one of the points of this contract loses its validity, the parties will apply a comparable regulation for this point. The contract shall retain its validity as a whole.