POGS Gecko Bluetooth Headphones for Kids



Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink


The wireless bluetooth headphones for children: safe, strong, comfortable and with many great and practical features. The Gecko’ is so called because your children can climb freely like a gecko thanks to the wireless Bluetooth connection. Geckos can climb up all kinds of surfaces, even vertically and upside down on glass surfaces! The POGS headphones ‘The Gecko’ have a scaly texture on the outside, just like the skin of a real gecko. After only 2 hours of charging, your children will already enjoy 12 hours of listening pleasure. Are you in a hurry? After only 10 minutes of charging, you can already use ‘The Gecko’ wirelessly for an hour. And don’t worry, if you forget to charge or are on a plane, for example, you can always use the QuickSafe cable instead. Both the QuickSafe and POGLink textile cables are included as standard.

  • SafeSound limits the volume of POGS to 85dB to protect your children’s hearing.
  • Bluetooth wireless connection.
  • Short charging time for wireless use.
  • Full charge: two hours for 12 hours of use. Fast charging: only 10 minutes for 1 hour of use.
  • SuperStrong materials that withstand even rough handling.
  • Includes textile cables that won’t get tangled. Included as standard in case you forget to charge your POGS wireless headphones.
  • QuickSafe cable for quick release, for the safety of your children as well as the POGS.
  • POGLink cable included to connect multiple headphones together and enjoy music together.
  • SuperiorSound is transmitted through superb 32 mm neodymium drivers and Sound Clarity Tuning.
  • Sound-absorbing and hypoallergenic ear cushions to minimise ambient noise, keeping volume levels low.
  • Adjustable headband that grows with your children.
  • Foldable and super lightweight.
  • Made from only non-toxic materials, BPA and BFR free, RoHS compliant and more.
  • 100% recycled packaging and waste-free production.
POGS Gecko Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

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