Audio Player electronics kit

The PCB from our hörbert for your own project!


Build a children’s music player yourself? For inventors, hobbyists and makers!

You have fun with fiddling around and DIY? You have your own creative idea for your audio player and only need the electronics? Then we have something for you! A kit with the child-friendly and proven electronics from hörbert.

Our electronics kit can already be assembled with basic soldering skills.
The cables must be soldered to the loudspeaker, the switch and the potentiometer. The board is already assembled, so you don’t have to solder SMD parts. You can fully concentrate on designing your own player.

Kinder brauchen hörbert und einen Ball
hörbert inside with installed bluetooth-module

The kit contains the following parts:

1x circuit board,
11x key caps made of ABS plastic (plasticizer-free),
3x cable, halogen- and phthalate-free with couplings crimped on one side
1x loudspeaker with moisture impregnated membrane
1x potentiometer with metal axle, incl. nut
1x toggle switch incl. nut
1x potentiometer knob, solid, knurled, chrome-plated

You still need an SDHC card to play your audio content. You can order a tested 4 GB SDHC card for 17 hours of audio content, specially manufactured for us according to our quality standards, here.

You can also use another FAT32 formatted SDHC card with up to 32 GB size as memory card. The memory card should correspond to class 4.
Due to the variety and different memory card qualities, we can only guarantee a perfect function with our electronic kit when using our memory card.

For easy playing (and formatting) your own memory card with music and audio books, you can use our free hörbert software.
You can find the operating instructions for hörbert in the Service -> Instructions & Videos section for viewing & downloading.
All information about the format of the memory card and the files, as well as the conversion of audio files for hörbert with sox can be found here.

Of course you will also get a drawing with the drillings for the keys for download.


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Want some inspiration?

Many of our customers have really put their energy into it and let their creativity run free. You can see what came out of it here in the hörbert blog.
We are enthusiastic about this creative energy.

Audio Player electronics kit
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